Lost Dog is the multi-award winning dance theatre company headed by Olivier Award-nominated director/choreographer Ben Duke.  The company works with text, live music and movement and blends these elements to create work in which dance is framed by stories and characters.“We began with an idea and we continue to wrestle with it, to say what needs to be said and dance the rest.”.

The British Embassy in Azerbaijan maintains and develops relations between the UK and Azerbaijan. Its work covers a range of issues including democracy, an open market-based economy and effective governance structures. The Embassy liaises with the Azerbaijani government and Institutions on behalf of UK institutions and government departments, and supports the UK’s international priorities.

SABAH groups have been established since the academic year 2014-2015 under the Ministry of Education, and are currently covering 11 higher education institutions and providing better learning and development opportunities for students. The project "SABAH groups" is one of the most successful projects in the field of higher education in Azerbaijan. 

YARAT is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing an understanding of contemporary art and creating a hub for artistic practice, research and thinking in the Caucasus, Central Asia and the surrounding region. Based in Baku, Azerbaijan, YARAT (meaning Create in Azerbaijani) was founded by Aida Mahmudova in 2011. YARAT realises its mission through an on-going program of exhibitions, education events and festivals. YARAT facilitates exchange between local and international artistic networks including foundations, galleries and museums.