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Our global work in arts

Our arts team works with the best of British creative talent to develop innovative, high-quality events and collaborations with artists and cultural institutions in Azerbaijani.

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Drama and Dance

The Drama and Dance team work with the British performing arts industry to present and promote outstanding and innovative British work worldwide. Through touring performances, residencies, workshops, writing and digital projects, we are able to help connect British performing arts with international industry professionals and new audiences across the world.


We work in fashion because, being popular, prolifically illustrated in all kinds of media, and deeply associated with human emotions, it communicates its messages rapidly and vividly to a wide public. Find out more about fashion here.


The Film team promotes the innovation, diversity, creativity and excellence of British films around the world. Working across the British film industry and with all film genres, we help to showcase and promote collaboration with international audiences and film professionals. With three online Directories, our British Council Film website is a comprehensive resource for British filmmakers and film lovers worldwide.


We aim to present the best innovative design practice from the UK to promote international collaboration and creative exchange. Find out more about our work in design here.


Built heritage and environment are two key areas within the British architecture. We are proud to showcase the best UK talent to the world and connect them with the Azerbaijani institutions. Find out more about our work in architecture here.


From electronica to jazz, traditional to folk, and classical to indie, we work across all genres of contemporary music in the UK. Find out more about our work in music here.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts team brings the best of British contemporary art to audiences worldwide through exhibitions, events and workshops. The British Council has a Collection of around 8500 works of British art which are used to create exhibitions for our international touring exhibition programme, helping to promote British artistic practice abroad. The British Council Collection can also be accessed online on a dedicated website.


From emerging to established authors, the Literature team showcases the UK’s extraordinary writing talent. We work in partnership with literature festivals and platforms in the UK and around the world, presenting British writers to new audiences worldwide and connecting international writers with the UK. We also work with a wide range of literature professionals to share knowledge, best practice and opportunities.

Creative and Cultural Economy

The Creative and Cultural Economy team connect people who work in and inform the creative and cultural industries around the world with those in the UK. The Creative and Cultural Economy programme provides a link between art, culture, business and technology. We work closely with industry professionals and policymakers and support and promote emerging talent within the creative sector. Please download the pdf file about our creative industry project.

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Biennial Edinburgh Showcase

The British Council globally organises and supports showcases of the best UK theatre and dance through Biennial British Council Showcases:


Biennial Edinburgh Showcase – the single biggest opportunity for UK theatre companies to introduce their work to international promoters. It takes place in August and partially coincides with the International Edinburgh Festival. This year’s programme is already available on the website.

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