The #SelectorRadio is broadcast on ASAN Radio 100FM twice a month on Saturdays, 21.00. The show has been re-launched after a successful first season in 2017.

Selector Radio

Shared with more than 30 countries around the world, #SelectorRadio connects a global audience to anything and everything that’s exciting in the UK right now. We take you on a virtual tour of the UK, dropping you into the heart of cities like Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow to listen to the best emerging talent. Jazz, grime, indie or electronica – or somewhere in between – each week we put together a truly eclectic playlist and catch up with the artists and labels who are leading the way in UK music.

Here in Azerbaijan the programme is presented on 100FM - Asan Radio. 

Our shows on ASAN radio this season:

Date Time FM
Saturday 11 January 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 25 January 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 8 February 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 22 February 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 7 March 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 21 March 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 4 April 2020 21.00 100.00 FM
Saturday 18 April 2020 21.00 100.00 FM

The biweekly two-hour show hosted by JAMZ SUPERNOVA plays music from any band, any artist and any genre as long as it’s new and exciting. As one of the leading next-generation DJ's in the UK, JAMZ SUPERNOVA has passion for her craft in abundance. Inspired by the likes of Nina Las Vegas, Toddla T, Diplo, and Annie Mac, as a live DJ Jamzweaves between UK Bass, Funky, Grime, Hip Hop, Jersey Club, and GlobalSounds. With no big-name bias and no obligation to please record companies or radio pluggers, Selector decides which artists to play and interview based on a simple mission to represent the range of new UK music out there rather than how popular or commercial the artist is.

Follow Selector online or hashtag #selectorradio to join a conversation about what’s happening in music around the world. Tune in to hear, not just the best from the UK, but curated sounds from across the globe.

Listen to Jamz Supernova's first Selector Radio show here.

About ASAN Radio

ASAN Radio is a radio established by ASAN services within the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic in September 2015 and it aims to increase public social and legal awareness – and like every radio station, to inform and entertain its audience. The show is presented in Azerbaijani is DJ Bazaur on ASAN 100FM and online.

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