Unlimited performances in Baku

Unlimited: Making the Right Moves was an arts and disability programme arising from a common-sense idea that there are no limits for those who dream big, regardless of background or physical ability.

The programme included workshops, educational forums and live performances. Since its inception in 2015 as a British Council programme, it had a significant effect on the arts and theatre scene and on the lives of the disabled people living in the region.

Impact of Unlimited programme in Azerbaijan:

  • Increased participation of disabled people in the creative economy and policy making.
  • Disabled artists developed skills for the creation and presentation of artistic work in Azerbaijan and other three countries that is of quality and inclusive.
  • Sustainable networks built and new partnerships and collaborations developed with UK disability artists and companies for sector development and internationalisation.
  • Social policy and legislation influenced, and public perceptions towards greater understanding and sensitivity to the creative potential of disabled people improved.
  • Awareness of the role of art in social development through exposure to the UK experience in disability led art has increased.

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