This year Unlimited: Making the Right Moves is organising even more exciting activities and events. 

In February and March of this year, the British Council joined forces with the University of Arts and Culture, Ministry of Education and the Sabah group and got to work on a performance employing interactive theatre techniques and led by Caryne Chapman and Tarlan Rasulov, the founder of DOM theatre. The play, A Place in the Sun was presented at venues around Baku in Azerbaijani, with its premiere at the Theatre of Young Spectators on 9 March. Based on the life and experiences of Murad Mammadov, who played himself in the production, the play employed “the Forum technique”, an interactive approach to theatre that puts the audience in the shoes of the protagonist, to see life his way, and to confront the choices that face him. In Azerbaijan, Mr. Mammadov is no longer alone in asking why the culture has to be so exclusive, society has begun to ask the question of itself.

As March came to its close Deaf Men Dancing, the all-male deaf dance company gave an unprecedented performances of its new outdoor piece entitled TEN at the partners’ venues. The event was attended by the British Ambassador, who MC’d the event.

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