By British Council in Azerbaijan

19 March 2021 - 14:53

Learning Hubs Lankaran
I dream and hope to become an architect one day, and I can’t wait to explore how I can use my enhanced English skills to turn my creative ideas into real-life projects.

Elnara Heydarova, an eighth-grade student from our Learning Hub in Lankaran, shares her story about how her ever-improving English and core skills put her on a path to become an architect in the future.

The opening of a learning hub in my beautiful home city of Lankaran was a new beginning for my education and my future career. Before this, I've been tirelessly trying to learn English for almost four years, but I was struggling despite putting in all my effort and dedication. For many young people in my region, English is an opportunity to improve their future lives and opportunities, and also a chance to study abroad.

'The Learning Hubs programme really took my listening, reading, writing and speaking skills to another level.'

I have not only gained a new-found passion for learning, but also opened up so many doors to the wider world around me. Now I can easily understand the lyrics of the English-language songs, and also communicate with my friends and peers that live abroad. This helps me get access to so much information out there, and help me discover new ideas, think critically and solve problems on my own whenever I face them.

Becoming an architect

Before I started learning English at my school's learning hub, I wasn't sure about what I wanted to do in the future. Everything started with a STEM MOOC exchange programme which my English teacher recommended to me. It helped me broaden my outlook, make new friends from so many different countries, discover new ideas and learn more about technology and its applications in many different disciplines.

I think that having access to different sources of information, blogs and vlogs in English really helped inform me about different career pathways out there in Azerbaijan and the wider world. It has helped me to see myself a goal to become an architect since laying out plans, sketching and exploring technology is what I do best.

Our hub in Lankaran is one of the 18 Learning Hubs in the country, focusing on good English teaching, as well as increasing understanding of tolerance, mutuality and dialogue among young people and their communities.

Into the future

Thanks to the amazing efforts of my teacher and also my class-mates, I can communicate freely and effectively about my ideas. Here at the Learning Hubs, we don’t only learn English - we acquire many new wonderful life skills, debate on important topics like gender equality, climate change, self-esteem, self-confidence, and technology, laying out our plans for a bright future. Now I am in the eighth grade, and while I'm still young, I'm already working on making my professional and personal future happy and fulfilling. As an aspiring architect, I can’t wait to turn my creative ideas into real-life projects. With luck and lots of effort, I hope to become an internationally recognised professional.

I am grateful to my school, teachers, my family and the British Council for providing such an amazing opportunity for me and other young learners in the region, helping us to shape our future so that we become effective leaders and active citizens of our communities.