Creative Spark Conversations

Our Creative Spark: In Conversation with Entrepreneurs online sessions introduce the participants to successful entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan and beyond, who share their advice and experience on creating your own  business. This Creative Spark sessions bring together the higher education students and established entrepreneurs for live online discussions.

Our next session is on 6 May at 17.00, with three speakers from Azerbaijan and the UK

Our next session will be streamed live on Thursday, 6 May 2021

In our next live session with our entrepreneurs we will talk about establishing and growing high-stakes B2B, engineering, consulting, and arts businesses in Azerbaijan, incorporating expert advice from three guest presenters on how to start your own business, grow your outreach, create partnerships, and initiate high-stakes projects.

Thursday 6 May, 17.00

Our speakers:

Rashad Mirzayev

Rashad is the founder and CEO of ATL Group, an information technology company offering consulting, systems integration, and software services and solutions. Rashad is also the graduate of London City University’s CASS Business School.

Rasmina Gurbatova

Rasmina is the owner and designer at Resm Jewellery, a local fashion accessories producer, which is inspired by the traditional culture, traditions and spirit of Azerbaijan.

John Patterson OBE

John is the owner and managing director of i2 Offshore Ltd, a financial advice, property investments, medical insurance and mortgages consulting company in Azerbaijan, Oman and Kuwait. He also serves as the chairman of the British Business Group Azerbaijan.

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