Meet the 108 ordinary Brits who Sir David Attenborough says we should listen to. This warm and honest documentary reveals how everyday people feel about the climate crisis.
Monday 07 March 2022 - 17:00

About the film

The film follows seven assembly members from all over the UK, who each bring their own perspective to the climate change debate. Sue, an ex-fishmonger from Bath, is shocked to learn the science of climate change, and when floods hit the UK - and the southwest in particular - she begins to understand how close to home these issues can be and resolves to make personal changes.

British Gas employee Marc from Newcastle is enthusiastic about taking part in the assembly, but is worried about losing his job in the transition to green energy, while 27-year-old postal worker Amy is unsettled when she learns the environmental impact of the coal fire she heats her home with. We also meet retired printer Richard, who is sceptical about climate change and reluctant to accept many of the proposals put forward in the assembly. But when his own health deteriorates, he is forced to re-examine the impact of dirty air on all our lives.

Through this cast of warm, funny Brits, we understand the challenge we all face in the effort to reduce climate change and start to see what the future might look like in a greener world.

How to watch

The "The People v Climate Change " film will be screened in the original version on March 7 at 17.00 in Nizami Cinema Centre. Tickets to the film cost 2 AZN and will be available at the box offices of Nizami Cinema Centre. 

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