"Dr John Watson, meet Mr Sherlock Holmes.”

We've been here before - but what if this wasn't the modern day but the late Victorian period? What if the world's most famous consulting detective and his best friend lived in a Baker Street of steam trains, hansom cabs, top hats and frock-coats?

Welcome to Sherlock in 1895!

Sherlock Christmas episode “The Abominable Bride” will carry main characters, Mr. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman), back to Victorian-era London of 1895. The script was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. We will also see on the screen Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey and Amanda Abbington. The director is Douglas Makcinnon (Doctor Who, Line of Duty).

« Sherlock on the big screen. For us, it's a giant leap backwards - intoVictorian London. The mean streets of 1895 have never looked so good.”– says co-creator Steven Moffat, October, 2015. 

“It’s not suddenly going to be a different show. It’s essentially our Sherlock as if we’d always done it set in 1895. It has the same sensibility. The language is obviously slightly different but we wanted it to feel as funny and as vivid and as getable as our modern-day one. Otherwise it would be a sort of dusty period piece which is not what we are interested in.” – remarks co-creator Mark Gatiss, August, 2015.

The film is featured within the “The British serials on Big screens” festival. The screening of Sherlock in Baku took place on 5 January at Park Cinema (Flame Towers).