Tuesday 01 December 2015 - 00:00 to Monday 18 January 2016 - 12:26
Virtual Tour

Take the free online tour of ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ by Grayson Perry"

We welcome you to virtually visit Grayson Perry’s ‘Vanity of Small Differences’, a new exhibition of six stunning tapestries from the British Council Collection. Grayson Perry is one of the UK’s most celebrated contemporary artists and a Turner Prize winner, acclaimed for his ceramics, sculptures, drawings, prints and tapestries. 

Take our virtual tour to explore each tapestry in detail and watch short videos with audio commentary from the artist. Experience the art works as if you were on a visit to Cer Modern gallery (Ankara, Turkey) where the exhibition is now on display.


Inspired by the 18th century painter William Hogarth’s moral tale, A Rake’s Progress, Perry’s tapestries follow the life and ‘class journey’ of a fictional character called Tim Rakewell. Prior to creating the tapestries, Grayson Perry travelled to towns and cities across the UK, investigating what ‘taste’ is and how it differs from place to place and within different social groups in Britain. 

‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ is rich in both content and colour, and depicts many of the eccentricities and peculiarities associated with life in the UK, from interior design to British cuisine, political protest and celebrity gossip.