Sunday 24 May 2015 - 00:00
Baku, Azerbaijan

General information of the project

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, British Council, Microsoft Corporation and MADAD Azerbaijan have started the next phase of Professional Development and certification of English language teachers.

The project will evaluate pedagogical knowledge and skills for using information technology in education, will provide opportunities for individual capacity building and facilitate international certification. According to the results the integration of the action plan and mechanisms of the project in teachers’ motivational strategy will be main issue of the discussion. 100 teachers will be selected for participating in this round of the project.

Information of partnership 

The Ministry of Education will provide strategic support at the pilot implementation stage of the project. Microsoft will provide participants with relevant knowledge on Microsoft Learning with Technologies content, evaluation tools, and teachers’ certification and will give support to build environment for online cooperation of teachers. British Council will provide the preparation and relevant certification tools of Cambridge ESOL ‘Teaching Essentials Test’. MADAD Azerbaijan will act as a main executive organization. Training to teachers will be implemented by MADAD Azerbaijan. The organization will also provide online communication and partnership tools and support the coordination and implementation of the certification.

Who can participate?

The English language teachers of local schools

How to join the project?

The willing participants should visit web site and have to fill out the application of ‘English teachers’ professional Development and Certification’ under ‘Quick pass’ header. The application should be sent either via online or by MS Word format no late than 24 May 2015 to the e-mail address: All the applications will be checked and successful candidates be invited to the next stage. Successfully passed teachers will be selected as participants of the project.

Criteria of participants

The candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria:

- Pedagogical experience and ability using different methods

- The knowledge of English language curriculum

- Acquaintance and experience with various assessment methods

- Background in ICT

- Skills and abilities in using ICT methods

- Skills and abilities in conducting the teaching process

- Project-based teaching knowledge and using it

- Participation in different education or international projects

The components of the project

During the initial stage of the project, 100 successful candidates who passed the selection stage will be participating in the below training courses:

• MADAD Intel ® ‘Education for Future’ training

• British Council Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) online course

• Microsoft Learning with Technologies content training

Training will be conducted in different (online, face-to-face) formats between June and December 2015. The level of participants’ preparation is to be determined at the beginning of each training and to be prepared individual program. At the end of the training, participants will take 3 certification tests and will receive certificates based on their results. The certification will be conducted by independent organizations and successful candidates be provided with international certificates. 

For further information, please, contact Natavan Naghiyeva at the British Council