Business Journalism
Monday 10 October 2016 - 00:00

Business Journalism is a unique 1-year project strengthening professional competencies and skills of the national media through a special training programme tailored to the needs of the selected journalists participating in the programme. The programme is run in partnership with PASHA Bank Azerbaijan and in cooperation with one of Europe’s biggest media organisations, the Thomson Foundation.

The project has been implemented since 2011 and about 70 journalists have participated in the project so far. The training workshops  are devoted to Online Journalism and raising the standards of business reporting in Azerbaijan involving some outside meetings to different business organisations. The participants are expected to attend 3 training sessions in Baku and the most active ones with full attendance during the local training sessions will travel to the United Kingdom to attend the last training which includes visits and placements at well-known newspapers, magazines and other media establishments, as well as meetings with prominent journalists.

Please fill out the application form and send it to before 10 October 2016.

Please see the announcement for detailed information about the project stages and application requirements.

For information on project, participation and application please contact Education Officer Nigar Nasrullayeva.