Friday 18 November 2016 - 17:00

British Council Azerbaijan in partnership with BP and the Ministry of Education is launching a pilot project in Agricultural Vocational Education to Develop New Occupations (Crop Production Specialist and Agriculture Machinery Specialist) responding to the needs of the labour market.

The project targets Gabala Vocational Training Center (GVETC) where these occupations will be introduced as part of a large-scale programme to meet the demands of the labour market at national level for qualified staff specialized in the field of agriculture. The main focus of GVETC is agriculture. It is a large VET school and has played an important role in the development of region’s economy.

British Council Azerbaijan is looking for local companies/institutions registered as juridical persons or individual experts specialized in the VET sector to prepare textbook, teaching materials and evaluation framework for 12 modules (3 modules in Horticulture specialisation and 9 modules in Crop Production specialist and Agriculture Machinery specialist occupations) and deliver training of trainers to core subject teachers in GVETC with the purpose to equip the teachers with required knowledge and skills to implement prepared modules in the classrooms. Any company/institution or individual expert applies for this bid could deliver any part of the project if it/he/she specialized in a particular area(s). British Council takes responsibility to coordinate the work of selected companies/institutions/individual experts that will be involved to all 12 modules preparation process. Please download ITQ form for more information and submit Application Form accordingly.

If you intend to submit your documents to the bid please send initial confirmation e-mail to as soon as your receive the documents.

Please complete Application Form (ITQ response) and submit it to no later than 18 November 2016, 17:00 hours (Baku time).