You can take your test at one of our official test centres on paper or on a computer. All you need is a valid identification document and choose the most convenient way of payment for you.

Test venue offering IELTS on paper and in Baku:

Hyatt Regency Baku, 1 Bakikhanov St., Baku AZ1065, Azerbaijan

Dear candidates, please note that we have a new venue where we run all IELTS on Computer test sessions and Speaking part for all IELTS tests

AGA Business Center, 401 Office, 4th floor, 55 Khojali Avenue, Baku
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Test venues offering IELTS on computer in Nakhchivan:

Nakhchivan State University, Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan

Find IELTS test dates:

Use the dropdown to select your preferred location and see upcoming test dates.

The British Council cannot accept payments made from banks (or other financial institutions) sanctioned by the UK or any other relevant jurisdiction. Where the British Council discovers evidence of payment from a sanctioned bank and/or sanctioned financial institution we will freeze all funds related to that payment and will be unable to deliver the service for which the payment was intended. Please therefore ensure that you do not make payments from an account in a sanctioned bank and/or sanctioned financial institution.

The test fee includes exclusive preparation materials, free practice tests and much more.

Test schedule / timings

Your Listening, Reading, and Writing sections of the test will be completed on the same day with no break in between. During the pandemic, we are running tests in the morning and in the afternoon. All sessions allow social distancing.

Upon registration, you can choose your Speaking test slot whether you take IELTS on a computer or on paper.

Looking to work, study, or live in the UK?

If you need a visa for working or studying in the UK, then in some cases you may need to take IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration or IELTS Life Skills.

What do I need to book a test? 

  1. A valid identification document. When you register, you’ll need to upload a scan of your ID. It must be valid at the time of booking and on the test day. If you're under 18, your parents will also need to complete the Parent consent for candidates under 18 form. IELTS is not recommended for anyone under 16.
  2. A bank card. You can pay either through our online booking system or via bank transfer. Make sure that you place the following details in the explanation section of your bank transfer:

After you have booked your test

You will receive emails confirming:

  • the start time of your test and the venue address
  • your Speaking Test date
  • your access to IELTS Ready Premium

More information about the test

Download and read our Information for Candidates, which contains important information about the test format, the question types and the test results.

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