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We offer a range of convenient IELTS test dates at our official test centre in Baku.

We recommend that you book your place before the registration deadline. The table below shows the upcoming test dates and registration deadlines for paper-based IELTS tests only.

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Find out more about paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS.

IELTS Test fee

  • Paper-Based IELTS Academic or General training: 350 AZN
  • Computer-Delivered IELTS Academic or General training: 400 AZN

IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills fees

  • IELTS for UKVI Academic or General training: 475 AZN
  • IELTS Life Skills A1 360 AZN
  • IELTS Life Skills B1: 360 AZN

If you are applying for a visa to emigrate to the UK then you may need to apply for the IELTS for UKVI test.

Choose your IELTS test date

The tables below shows the available upcoming written test dates for paper based IELTS Academic and General Training only (not for UKVI or computer-delivered IELTS) in Azerbaijan. Please note that we organise computer-delivered sessions several times a week, and you can see the exam calendar for computer-delivered IELTS on our online registration portal.

Once you registered for IELTS, you will receive an email with full test details (timetable, venue information) approximately five days before the test.

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Venue: Baku - British Council, 1 Bakikhanov street, AZ1010

Test Date Module Registration Deadline Register
23/11/2019 IELTS Academic 20/11/2019 Apply now
23/11/2019 IELTS General Training 20/11/2019 Apply now
30/11/2019 IELTS Academic 26/11/2019 Apply now
07/12/2019 IELTS Academic 23/11/2019 Apply now
07/12/2019 IELTS General Training 23/11/2019 Apply now
12/12/2019 IELTS Academic 28/11/2019 Apply now
14/12/2019 IELTS Academic 30/11/2019 Apply now
14/12/2019 IELTS General Training 30/11/2019 Apply now
04/01/2020 IELTS Academic 27/12/2019 Apply now
11/01/2020 IELTS Academic 08/01/2020 Apply now
11/01/2020 IELTS General Training 08/01/2020 Apply now
18/01/2020 IELTS Academic 15/01/2020 Apply now
18/01/2020 IELTS General Training 15/01/2020 Apply now
01/02/2020 IELTS Academic 28/01/2020 Apply now
01/02/2020 IELTS General Training 28/01/2020 Apply now
08/02/2020 IELTS Academic 05/02/2020 Apply now
13/02/2020 IELTS Academic 09/02/2020 Apply now
13/02/2020 IELTS General Training 09/02/2020 Apply now
22/02/2020 IELTS Academic 19/02/2020 Apply now
07/03/2020 IELTS Academic 05/03/2020 Apply now
07/03/2020 IELTS General Training 05/03/2020 Apply now
14/03/2020 IELTS Academic 12/03/2020 Apply now
21/03/2020 IELTS Academic 18/03/2020 Apply now
21/03/2020 IELTS General Training 18/03/2020 Apply now