If you cancel your examination with the British Council for whatever reason,  you should consider the following conditions. 

  1. Cancellation information should be submitted to the British Council at least 3 full working days before the actual exam date. If the reasons is sound, you  will receive a refund; however, an administrative fee of 25% of the overall exam fee will be deducted to cover the administrative costs of registering your candidacy and of processign the refund.
  2. If you are cancelling your exam for medical reasons, you must provide a medical certificate (from a public/private hospital or a medical practitioner from the private sector), your timetable, and a completed Exam Refund Application Form to support your request.
  3. If you are cancelling your exam due to death in the family, car accident, other force majeure issue then all supporting documents along with Exam Refund Application Form (see downloads section below) should be submitted to the British Council. 
  4. The request and supporting documents must be submitted to the British Council 3 full working days prior to exam date and you will receive a refund of 75% of the fee.
  5. If your exam is cancelled less than 3 working days before the exams, you will not receive a refund.
  6. Fees for a cancelled exam can not be transferred to cover and exam at a later date or from one level of examination to another.
  7. Refunded amount should be collected during 6 months. After this period refunded amount will be cancelled.