TOPs - Creation of Modern Educational Technology in Physical Education

TOPs is a joint project of British Council, Ministry of Education and Sport for Development Public Union in Azerbaijan. The aim of the project is to equip physical education teachers with new skills on modern educational technologies in physical education and to create an advantageous environment for the development of learners’ physical skills by creating opportunities for the protection of their physical and psychological health conditions at secondary schools.

The first pilot project was implemented by Sport for Development Public Union during December- May 2014 at three general education schools (#138, #269, and #220). Expert from Youth Sport Trust UK conducted five-day professional training sessions on TOPs methodology for 25 physical education teachers.

Festivals and open door classes with the participation of around 3000 students, teachers and parents were conducted within the first pilot project. In addition, a practical study guide for teaching TOPs methodology was prepared based on the state study program on physical education to be used during physical education lessons.

Programme Activities:


36 general education schools in Baku, 35 000 students and 200 teachers took part in the training sessions organized by Sport for Development Public Union.


72 public schools, 400 teachers and 70 000 students participated in the inclusive education classes in a number of schools of Azerbaijan.


150 public schools, 500 teachers and 140 000 students participated in the inclusive education classes in a number of schools of Azerbaijan.


During the fifth year of the project (2018-2019) the TOP’s project will bring together 250 public schools, with 600 teachers (including 200 primary and 400 physical education teachers) to take part in dedicated training sessions.

In order to evaluate the outcomes of the project, initial and final evaluation was conducted among the teachers and students by the Sport for Development Public Union.  As a result of the project implementation, active teaching methodology has been developed for the application of the subject programme on physical education at the respective schools. The project also played an important role in increasing awareness on healthy food, active lifestyle and sport’s role in the development of social skills among almost 100 000 students, teachers and parents.

For more information on this project, please contact Sevinj Aghazada - Education Coordinator.