Internationalising Higher Education
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Our work in higher education aims to globalise knowledge partnerships, promote innovation, extend policy debates, and establish a new generation partnership model to develop global knowledge economies. It builds tripartite partnerships between governments, universities and industry in the UK and through a unique approach to cultural relations, builds trust, engagement and mutual benefit.

Our work in Azerbaijan focuses on global partnerships within higher education and contributes to the improvement of graduate employability, quality assurance, transnational education, entrepreneurship and enterprise, transferrable skills and competencies. We work in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and partner universities. Our activity includes national and regional seminars and workshops, as well as exchange of researchers, faculty staff and education professionals between the UK and Azerbaijan.

How do we bring about collaboration?

The British Council brings the most current research and UK expertise in higher education (HE) to Azerbaijan. With the support of HE representatives in Azerbaijan, we organise bilateral and multinational conferences. We facilitate dialogue between the HE sector and industry to inform and strengthen the HE system in Azerbaijan.

Four main strands of this collaboration are:

  • providing international information through educational market intelligence
  • extending global knowledge in higher education through global policy dialogue
  • building practical partner relationships
  • connecting academics and students through alumni programmes 

Our goals in Azerbaijan are:

  • working closely with the Ministry of Education and higher education institutions to support the state strategy on the development of education by bringing UK expertise and best practices to Azerbaijan in the respective areas
  • building linkages between UK and Azerbaijan universities for mutual benefits in terms of research, knowledge and student exchange
  • involving and encouraging UK alumni to share their UK education experience and knowledge with the students of Azerbaijan

Past and ongoing projects/events within the Internationalising Higher Education programme

Graduate employability and university capacity building 

  • Higher Education and Economic Development: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Financial Sustainability of Universities Symposium,  4 December 2017
  • UK Study Tour on Graduate Employability, 3-7 July 2016
  • Forum on Graduate Employability - The World Café format, 26 May 2015
  • Fostering Cooperation between Universities and Industries Conference, 17 October 2014

University cooperation development events:

  • UK-Azerbaijan Higher Education Forum under the Joint Inter-Governmental Commission – 10 February 2016 (London)
  • UK and Azerbaijan Universities Networking Event 2016 – 24 October 2016
  • UK and Azerbaijan Universities Networking Event 2015 – 9 November 2015
  • UK and Azerbaijan Universities Networking Event 2014 – 3 November 2014

For more information about Internationalising Higher Education please contact Education Coordinator, Sevinj Aghazada.