How to earn without the live music industry? Join our free Selector PRO  forum on 12-14 February 2021 and learn the answer. During a digital sales workshop with Chris Cooke, a Co-Founder of a company 'Complete Music Update' that helps people navigate and understand the music business, he will highlight the changes of the music industry in 2020 and relevant income streams of the pandemic world for DIY artists.

Live performance sector was hit hard in 2020. What will the impact of these shifts be on the future shape of the music industry? What were the success stories behind these increasing numbers in streaming? These and other questions will be addressed in the fourth online Selector PRO professional music industry forum. We are bringing together leading names from the UK music scene to network with other professionals from more than 15 countries (Western Balkans, South Caucasus, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Central Asia). This digital event is free to attend and is open to anyone interested in connecting with like-minded professionals.

Learn more and register for the 12-14 February Forum here.

Selector PRO workshops in Azerbaijan 2019-20

20.02.2020 Ableton and Radio DJs workshops

An intensive two-day Selector PRO training was held with Tugkan Mutlu from Saffron Records who provided an insight and tools for producing music professionally on Ableton software. The workshops took place at the Yarat! Contemporary Arts Space on 20-21 February, 11.00-17.00 (both days). 

Our Selector Live featured guest Jamz Supernova from Selector Radio UK hosted a special two-hour workshop for DJs at Pullman Baku on 21 February, 19.00

Selector PRO 2020 music programme was brought to you by the British Council and iN, a leader of the electronic music scene in Baku, having collaborated with artists such as Ten Walls, Sound Button, Boiler Room and more. The programme was supported by Yarat! and ASAN Radio, official Selector Radio broadcaster in Azerbaijan.


29.01.2019 Music Licensing and Copyright by Chris Cooke

Chris Cooke, the journalist and media entrepreneur from the UK, delivered a workshop on Licensing and Copyright on 29 January, 2019. Chris Cooke is an editor, journalist and media entrepreneur. He is co-founder and MD of CMU a company that helps people navigate and understand the music business. It does this through media like the CMU Daily bulletin, Set list podcast and CMU Trends library; through consultancy unit CMU Insights with its training courses, conference sessions and research reports; and through education programme CMU:DIY, which supports early-career artists and future industry talent.

15.02.2019 Radio DJs Workshop by Goldierocks

A leading British DJ Goldierocks (Samantha Louise Hall) delivered an intensive Selector PRO workshop for Azerbaijan's leading DJs and music practitioners on 15 February 2019, 12.00 at YARAT. The workshop was brought to Baku by the British Council, in collaboration with ASAN Radio and YARAT Contemporary Art Space. This was followed by a Selector LIVE DJ Party at Pasifico, featuring Goldierocks and hosted by DJ Bazaur and DJ Murad H. The LIVE party is dedicated to British Council’s 25th Anniversary in Azerbaijan.

04.03.2019 Developing, Releasing and Promoting Online Digital Music Content by Boiler Room

A global online music project, Boiler Room, delivered an intensive Selector PRO workshop on on Developing, Releasing and Promoting Online Digital Music Content. The BR shared their experience of growing their audience through engagement and engaging 3rd party platforms in marketing. The workshop participants will be able to discuss narratives around local issues and ask questions. The event took place on 4 March 2019 at 11.00AM in YARAT. The workshop was brought to Baku by the British Council, in collaboration with iN CLUB and YARAT Contemporary Art Space.


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