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Creative, independent thinking and experimental approach is essential for craft students and professionals. On that note we have an exciting new educational development to share. Together with our partners Asmart Creative Hub, State Agency for Vocational Education, Republican Children and Youth Development Center and Plymouth College of Art, we announce a new Creative Learning module that will be held in February - March 2021, as part of the Crafting Futures Programme. Plymouth College of Art is collaborating with Asmart Creative Hub to develop this new Creative Learning Module for Azerbaijan.

We are looking for enthusiastic and forward thinking teachers and students in the crafts to pilot our Creative Learning module.

We would like to note that the training is designated for teachers and students of the vocational institutions and colleges specialized in Arts. The students who wish to participate in the pilot programme must be in their 3rd or last year at the vocational institutions and colleges. The teachers must represent either Art college under the Academy of Fine Arts, vocational institutions supervised by State Agency for Vocational Education or  Republican Children and Youth Development Center. Applications are welcome from all over Azerbaijan. The pilot programme will approximately involve intensive online study of 1 week. Trainings will be conducted in Azerbaijani. Deadline for application is 08.02.2021. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to training by February 15, 2021. The selection process is conducted by our Crafting Futures programme partners.

About our partners

Plymouth College of Art is one of the UK's leading independent art schools, offering further education qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of art and design subjects across art, media, design, craft and communication.

Asmart Creative Hub is a private creative company created by a group of experts specializing in culture and art development. Main goal of the company is to open a creative space for young artists, craftsmen, designers, specialists in art and for people who have a passion for art. 

State Agency for Vocational Education being responsible for the vocational and training provision in the country organizes and coordinates the subordinated VET providers ensuring development of highly specialized workforce and improving their competitiveness.

Republican Centre for the Development of Children and Youth is an organisation which aims to develop scientific and technical knowledge; intellectual, creative and creative potential, healthy lifestyle and responsible attitude to the environment among the children and youth.

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